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MIAuto Ltd deals with all the major brands of Japanese vehicle makers. Besides Japanese car imports and exports we also deal in used Japanese commercial vehicles and used Japanese motorbikes.

MI Auto will arrange transportation for your purchased vehicles to be shipped from the auction to the port by truck and then by ship to your desired port using your choice of either RoRo or Container. We provide inspection, pictures, insurance and anything that is required for the safe and secure delivery of your vehicle.

For either small or large volumes, we will arrange the best and competitive pricing way to ship our client’s vehicles. We also arrange charter ship and container shipments for the expensive or brand new vehicles on your demand. We are ready to negotiate shipping rates directly with shipping companies on behalf of our clients.

We are sure our clients will be satisfied with our prompt shipping services, which we are continuously improving.


  • Exporting used vehicles.
  • Exporting new and used tuning parts for vehicles.
  • Auction agent for used vehicles.
  • Purchase of used vehicles from end-users.
  • Tuning services for vehicles.
  • Insurance agent
  • Disassembly of vehicles to export as parts
  • Shipping services
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